Saturday, February 1, 2014

Frozen Cake

I emerged from a year and a half of cake retirement this weekend to do a Frozen cake for sweet Elizabeth's 4th birthday! I had the most fun doing this one!!

When I was planning this cake out in my head, I knew it was ambitious (especially since I'm rusty from my retirement), but I really wanted Olaf to be holding his head up. I decided to give this a shot first, and if I couldn't get it to work I was just going to have his head laying down on the ground by his body. I ended up getting it to work perfectly! The blue is buttercream and it is covered by white fondant snow. The snowflakes behind the characters and the ones around the side of the cake are white chocolate. There are pearl sixlets (is that what that candy is called???) around the bottom of the cake. Then there are sugar crystals all along the edge of the snow at the top of the cake. The cake was milk chocolate fudge. I sprayed the whole thing down with a good coat of lustre spray for a nice, icy sheen!! Anna, Elsa, Sven, Cristoff and Hans are all figurines. 

I'm not jumping in head first, but I want to try to do a cake here and there! I enjoy it and it is a good use of the creativity that is bouncing around in my head all the time! This cake was so much fun!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turkey Cookies!!!

Fun Turkeys!

Pretty Turkeys!

I'm starting to love decorating cookies!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little Feet

Hanging cookies for Little Feet Children's Consignment Sale!

House Cookies

Cookies for realtor open house!

Fall Cookies

After about a year of experimenting, I am finally happy with my cookies and my royal icing. And the royal icing didn't give me fits this time around, the way that it usually does!

I love, love, love these cookies. The colors on them are so fallish... they make me happy!

Happy Fall!!

Halloween Treats

It has been awhile since I've posted on this blog! It's been awhile since I've baked anything other than dinner for my family!! I decided since my house hasn't shown in a few weeks, I felt pretty confident that I could dirty up my kitchen without it being a big deal. And since I was getting it dirty, I decided to go all out. I ended up making 2 dozen mini cupcakes, 1 dozen regular cupcakes, 2 dozen pudding parfaits, 2 dozen sugar cookies, 2 batches buttercream, and 1 batch of royal icing. My kitchen was a disaster! But the baking and decorating felt good. I've really missed my creative outlet! All of these ideas came from pinterest.

Candy Corn cupakes

Mini candy corn cupcakes with candy corn toppers.

Candy corn pudding parfaits with french vanilla pudding, mandarin oranges, and cool whip. 

Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rustic Daisy Cake

This cake was for a BBQ wedding shower with a rustic theme. The bottom tier was red velvet and the top tier was french vanilla. The cake was covered in marshmallow fondant. The wooden-looking heart with the couples initials and the daisies were made of fondant. The cake board and bottom tier were wrapped in twine.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Llama Llama, Red Pajama

I did this cake back in March, but just realized that I never posted it. This was by far the craziest cake I've been asked to do! Kacey Ginn asked if I thought I could make a llama and I wasn't too sure!! I had to google the red pajama book because we haven't read that one! I did this cake so long ago that I have no idea what flavor it was. But it was covered in fondant and all of the accents, including Mr. Llama, were fondant.

Can't wait to see what Kacey comes up with for next year!

Hello Kitty

This cake was strawberry and covered in marshmallow fondant. All of the accents are fondant except for the whiskers, which are spaghetti noodles dyed black!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bug Cupcakes

These cupcakes are funfetti style topped with buttercream. The flower and bug accents are all marshmallow fondant. LOVE the bright colors on these cupcakes!

Monkey Cake

This cake was made to match several different things. The monkey was pulled from a cute little outfit and the chevron pattern was pulled from a swatch of fabric. The cake was dark chocolate fudge topped with buttercream.

I really wanted to do the animal print pattern in the middle of the tummy and ears, but this was a 6 inch cake, and it was just too small a space for a buttercream pattern like that. You couldn't tell what it was. It bugs me when cakes don't turn out the way I have them pictured in my head! Still like the little guy though.

Rose Cake

This rose cake was for Maggie's 2nd birthday. The cake is french vanilla with light pink tinted buttercream topped with edible pink pearls and sprayed with lustre spray. 

[edit 5/10/12: Apparently I have upset someone because they feel that I am leading you to believe that this rose cake is my original design. I did not come up with the design for this cake, nor have I ever claimed that I came up with the design for this cake. I never intended you to believe that I came up with the design for this cake. I first saw this cake on pinterest a few months ago when it was being repinned for the 10,000th time. I then followed the pin to I am Baker's rose cake tutorial where she explains in detail how to make this cake. I figured anyone with an internet connection has seen this cake all over the web, so I never even assumed that someone would think I came up with this on my own. According to Amber from my comments section, I "stole" this cake design. However, personally I don't consider it stealing when the person who came up with it puts a step-by-step tutorial on their blog telling you how to make it. When someone does that, I am assuming that they want others to use their idea. Especially when the blogger says, "SO excited to share with you how easy it is to make the rose cakeSeriously, once you see you are going to run right out, buy a 1M tip, and make one."  For some reason I was under the impression that she wanted others to use her cake design. Maybe I read into that all wrong. However, I apologize if I led anyone to believe I came up with this. I did not. ]


Friday, March 23, 2012

Minnie Mouse

I have Minnie Mouse on the brain lately since our Disney trip is less than a month away! I was so excited to do this cute, cute Minnie Mouse cake for Audrey's 3rd birthday!! Love the colors and the accents.

The bottom tier and the Minnie hat are both strawberry cake covered in fondant. The bottom alternates the white/black zebra print with a pink/white polka dot and a black/white polka dot. Cute, cute!!!

Hello Kitty

We combined several different ideas to come up with this cake. The bottom tier is dark chocolate fudge.  The top tier is french vanilla.The cake is covered in marshmallow fondant. 

The stripes on the bottom tier were made to match the border around the plates for the party. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rapunzel's Tower and dress

This is probably the tallest cake that I've built so far. I tried to replicate Rapunzel's tower pretty closely, however I added some brighter coloring to it.

The grass part is french vanilla cake. The tower is rice krispie treasts. All covered and accented with fondant.  Painted with lustre dust to shimmer. The concrete blocks showing through the broken part of the tower is my favorite!!

I also did Rapunzel's dress. The cake was strawberry and it was covered in fondant. I had to tie her hair up in a ziploc baggie "hair net" to keep it out of the cake while decorating!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Minnie Mouse

This is the same Minnie Mouse face cake that I did before. This one is for sweet Ellie's birthday, and the one I did 2 years ago (can't believe it has been that long) was for her older sister, Sophie. I love that they had the same cake for their 2nd birthdays.

This cake is french vanilla. It is covered in buttercream. The bow is fondant, as well as the pink and white polka dotted strip around the outside of the cake. 

Tangled Cupcakes

I saw these Tangled cupcakes on Pinterest and since my little girl wanted a Tangled birthday cake I decided to do these for her class at school.

Most of these were french vanilla that I tinted pink (of course) and baked in ice cream cones. Three of them are dark chocolate fudge since I had some batter left over from another cake. The accents on the cones are fondant and the little flowers are sprinkles. Topped with purple buttercream icing. 

Nutella Cupcakes

These are dark chocolate fudge cupcakes filled with nutella and topped with nutella buttercream icing. My new favorite. This was probably the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.

Red Velvet Rose Cake

This rose cake is red velvet with cream cheese icing that I made for a fundraiser at Taelyn's school. I didn't spend a ton of time on the roses because I had to slice it and package each slice individually.