Saturday, February 1, 2014

Frozen Cake

I emerged from a year and a half of cake retirement this weekend to do a Frozen cake for sweet Elizabeth's 4th birthday! I had the most fun doing this one!!

When I was planning this cake out in my head, I knew it was ambitious (especially since I'm rusty from my retirement), but I really wanted Olaf to be holding his head up. I decided to give this a shot first, and if I couldn't get it to work I was just going to have his head laying down on the ground by his body. I ended up getting it to work perfectly! The blue is buttercream and it is covered by white fondant snow. The snowflakes behind the characters and the ones around the side of the cake are white chocolate. There are pearl sixlets (is that what that candy is called???) around the bottom of the cake. Then there are sugar crystals all along the edge of the snow at the top of the cake. The cake was milk chocolate fudge. I sprayed the whole thing down with a good coat of lustre spray for a nice, icy sheen!! Anna, Elsa, Sven, Cristoff and Hans are all figurines. 

I'm not jumping in head first, but I want to try to do a cake here and there! I enjoy it and it is a good use of the creativity that is bouncing around in my head all the time! This cake was so much fun!

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